Sunless Tanning Drops

Go for the gold! Build your perfect tan sans the sun with our fan-favorite gradual face and body tanning drops.

Two shades to tan your way

You want: A subtle glow

Achieve a lighter sunkissed glow, ideal for those new to tanning.

You want: A deeper bronze

Achieve a noticeably golden or bronzed tan.

How to apply

STEP 1 Shake
STEP 2 Mix Well & Apply
STEP 3 Wait & Reapply

Step 1

Shake the bottle for the best color development.

PRO TIP: For an even, long-lasting tan, remove any unwanted hair and exfoliate several hours before using.

Step 2
Mix Well & Apply

Add up to 12 drops to your moisturizer or body lotion, mix together and apply to skin. Wash hands with soap and water after application. The more drops you use, the deeper your tan will look.

PRO TIP: Drag excess product to the neck and chest for even color.

Step 3
Wait & Reapply

The tan will develop within 4-6 hours of application. Reapply daily or as needed to maintain and build your perfect tan.

Real, Buildable Results

Continue to apply over time to build and maintain your natural-looking tan.

Customize your color

Find your routine for the perfect tan. Increase the amount of drops for a deeper shade.

Answers to your questions:

We’re happy to help! First, shake the bottle. Then, dab your normal amount of daily moisturizer or body lotion into the palm of your hands. Twist the dropper off the tanning drops bottle, and add 8 to 10 drops to your daily moisturizer or body lotion in your hand. Mix the two products together in the palm of your hand and apply the mixture to your skin evenly. The more drops added, the deeper the tan. Allow your tan to set for 5 minutes before applying makeup or putting on clothes. Wash hands with soap right after application. Color will develop in 4-6 hours. Reapply as needed for a deeper glow. You may use every other day to maintain the tan. Carry out a patch test, as directed, 24-hours prior to application. Don’t apply to broken irritated, or hypersensitive skin.

You will start to see color developing in 4-6 hours after application.

The tan from our Sunless Tanning Drops will vary from person to person because we’re all unique! We all have different skin types, textures, and tones which means that our skin renewal rates will vary. Your tan will last between about 5 days and on some people, it will last as long as 2 weeks.

Absolutely! We try our products ourselves and do not test on animals.

Yes! We love our bunnies and animals. This product is 100% vegan.

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