Strip Lash - 03

KISS Magnetic Lash


Magnets on the lash band keep lashes in place until you remove them

  • Pre-curved, universal fit
  • Top & bottom lash magnets sandwich around your natural lashes
  • Includes EZ Load Rotating Lash Applicator
  • Reusable, contact lens friendly, cruelty free
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Let Your Eyes Experience the Attraction! NEW KISS Magnetic Lashes featuring magnets on the lash band that stay perfectly in place until you remove them!

  • This style features crisscross layering pattern with extra length for a more dramatic flare 
  • Pre-curved & universal fit 
  • No Adhesive Needed 
  • Revolutionary Patent Pending EZ Load Rotating Lash Applicator 
  • Lightweight bottom lash for super comfort 
  • Reusable & contact lens friendly & Cruelty Free 

KISS Magnetic Strip Lash 03: Tip: First apply mascara to your natural lashes for easier application of KISS Magnetic Lash
1. Rotate the applicator to load the top and bottom magnetic lashes. Note: Place magnetic lashes along the inner edge of each applicator curve. Both lashes should curve upwards.
2. Rotate the applicator back to its original position.
3. Place applicator so your natural lashes are in between the 2 magnetic lashes. Press down on applicator to connect the magnetic strips; release applicator.
REMOVAL: Use fingers to slide magnetic strips horizontally apart to release the magnetic seal.

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