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Horoscope Beauty - A Design for Every Sign

Horoscope Beauty - A Design for Every Sign

Your zodiac sign says a lot about you. It can give a glimpse into your personality, maybe things you enjoy, the type of career you would excel at, or even the type of people you gravitate towards. Your sign is as individual to you as your initial or signature color. If you're into astrology, adding a bit of your sign to your look can be a fun, creative way to represent. Take a look at how imPRESS nail designs help you reflect your star sign with style for a manicure that feels more personal to you.

  • Aries. Casting Call's bold maroon and glitter chevron design perfectly represents Aries' strength, energy, and initiative.
  • Taurus. The Dew Drops’ bright yellow floral accent nails effortlessly capture the springtime feel and love of family that Taurus is known for.
  • Gemini. Gemini's signature color is orange which aligns effortlessly with Swept Away’s talons and are accompanied by accent nails that skillfully represent balance and symmetry.
  • Cancer. A sensitive sign of higher knowledge and empathy, the ideal reflection of these qualities is found in Flash Mob, with its lovely colors and beautiful love-inspired accent nails.
  • Leo. For Leo the choice could only be bold. This lion is known for fiery hot hues and the season of summer—Night Fever exemplifies that heat and passion with exactness.
  • Virgo. Known for peace, tranquility and shades of blue, our whimsical Kiss & Tell nails feature dainty floral accents that complement deep-sky blue matte nails for a true embodiment of this sixth sign.
  • Libra. Our Free Ur Mind design manicure strikes a harmonious symmetry in a soft, gentle color palette that epitomizes the peace-loving Libra.
  • Scorpio. The striking, bold red of our Tweetheart nail kit reflects the fierce drive of brave Scorpio with reflective gold glitter to highlight its passion.
  • Sagittarius. Bad Romance, the stunning French manicure features a dash of design with a spritz of glitz interpreting Sagittarius' verve for life that is tempered by responsibility.
  • Capricorn. Text Appeal introduces the broken glass nail trend which here relays a sense of the clarity and ambition of this assertive goat sign.
  • Aquarius. The subdued cool color of Pop Star patterned with broken glass imagery models the emotional traits and feminine side of the esoteric water bearer.
  • Pisces. The maritime theme and confident color story of imPRESS Manicure’s Climb Higher fashions the perfect accessory for this feisty female fish.

These are just a few fun ideas to match your inner astrological sign. You can also wear your sign’s color or match your mani according to your favorite trait! Because the beauty of this manicure is that you can change them as often as the mood strikes you.