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Are You Filing Your Nails Like a Pro? Find Out Now!

Are You Filing Your Nails Like a Pro? Find Out Now!

Spending time with Gina Edwards, our Editorial Manicurist, we always learn something new about nail care and we really love her tips and tricks! Who knew there was actually a correct way to file nails?

This week we learned that one of the biggest mistakes people make when filing their nails is using the wrong type of file. Of course KISS files happen to be the best files out there. KISS washable nail file with 180/240 coarseness is Gina’s absolute go-to file. (She tells us she can't live without it!) They’re non-abrasive and effective without shredding the edges of the nail. An important ‘Rule of Thumb’ when shopping for nail files: the lower the grit number, the coarser the file. For natural nails, anything 180 and above is fine to use.

Gina also advised us on the proper filing technique. File the underside; start from the center filing in one fluid motion, in one direction, (not back and forth). By doing this you're sealing the layers of your nail thus, preventing splits and cracks on the surface layers and you’ll get the smoothest, most fray-free finish. An extra tip: Use the buffer found in the KISS Manicure Professional Nail kit for a beautiful natural shine. Follow up with cuticle oil after you buff to keep nails healthy looking.