Lash Extensions Are Here

No Lengthy & pricey lash salon appointments needed! In just minutes, get the full lash extension effect with a flick of Falscara.


The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing
But The Truth About FalscaraTM

FalscaraTM In Action

Step 1

Brush On Bond

Step 2

Lift Wisps Off Tray With Applicator

Step 3

Place Wisps Underneath Natural Lashes

Use the applicatior (or finger) to squeeze WISPS and your natural lashes together for a more secure hold.

Step 4

Brush On Seal

Final Look

Remove Using Falscara Remover

FalscaraTM 101

  • Lash Extension look
  • Intuitive mascara-like application
  • Can be layered for desired volume
  • Natural and lightweight wispy length
  • Designed to fit all eye shapes
  • Water-resistant & smudge-free
  • Contact lens friendly

KISS Falscara Eyelash

DIY Lash Extension Starter Kit


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