Introducing JOAH

Introducing JOAH

Hey girlfriend! You’ve dabbled in Korean Beauty skincare, but did you notice there’s never been a Korean Beauty makeup collection? Well make way for NEW JOAH! In Korean, JOAH means “I like it”, and believe us, you’ll like it too!

The JOAH philosophy is about celebrating, because let’s face it–dressing up is fun, glam gets you everywhere, being unapologetically girly is a great asset, & the sweet things in life really do matter most! And you won’t believe the slew of JOAH options, designed to make you look and feel downright gorgeous! Innovation is our motivation, so consider us your own personal beauty pioneers.

With the latest and greatest (and did we say amazing?) makeup colors & formulas, our offerings also include a fair share of masks, serums, cushion compacts and other Korean Beauty goodies. With all that, plus our adorable product names and ridiculously cute packaging, you can call us your beauty playground for grownups!

Note to (your)self: you won’t find us everywhere. In fact, we’re exclusively at CVS! We are thrilled to partner with CVS, the ideal Korean Beauty destination, as we embark on our beautiful journey. You can literally get your hands on the JOAH collection when it launches in CVS stores nationwide, starting on July 1, 2018. But don’t worry If you can’t wait (and we don’t’ blame you); you can order JOAH NOW at, and you can learn more about each product right here on our site.

Since we’re brand new, please, please, please sign up on our website and follow us on all of our social media. You can keep up with the latest news and everything JOAH @Joahbeauty, so be sure to like us on Instagram and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We can’t wait to hear your feedback! Stay Beautiful!